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Originally founded in 2015, Deacon Leather Co. has continuously operated as a one-man business that handcrafts heirloom quality leather goods. My name is Sam Jordan and I began leatherwork as a search for “quality” in an increasingly disposable world. It did not take long on this journey before I discovered that exceptional caliber leather goods were significantly more common 100-years-ago when hand-made wares by master artisans were the norm, before ultimately being replaced by the production line and petroleum-based products.

My mission is to revive these old-world techniques and combine them with modern sophistication to provide you with a line of timeless bags, accessories, and wetshaving equipment. I believe that the details are paramount and I am seeking constant improvement to make the best products I possibly can.

As Deacon Leather Co. continues to grow, the guiding values of the company may become more refined, but they will never change.

Field Tested

All of the products that I offer have been thoroughly tested and refined prior to offering them to consumers. It would be tempting to continuously develop patterns and keep up with the latest trends, but I feel that each item I offer needs to be put through the paces so that I can understand the products usability and any areas for improvement.

Exceptional Materials

A product can only be as good as the raw materials that it begins with, which is why I seek out the highest quality leather articles and fittings I can find from all over the world. I work directly with many family-owned American and European tanneries and foundries that have been in business for decades, and when exotic leathers are used they are directly sourced from companies that are transparent and ethical in their processes, while also contributing greatly to the conservation of species and our ecosystems.

Craftsmanship Comes First

There are many aspects of fine leatherwork that are not always visible on the end-product and add considerable time to the process, but are an essential component of creating a product that will last for decades. All products at Deacon Leather Co. are created with a “Buy it for Life” mindset, which is why a tremendous amount of attention is given to making sure the details are correct, edges are finished, thread is trimmed, and so on allowing you to rest assured that each item that ships has passed rigorous quality control and is guaranteed to last.