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Horween Shell Cordovan Straight Razor Strop - Bourbon
Horween Shell Cordovan Straight Razor Strop - Bourbon

Horween Shell Cordovan Straight Razor Strop - Bourbon

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The best of the best... This beautiful heirloom quality strop features a full 3" of stropping surface so you don't have to worry about making "X strokes", and is made from world renowned leather tannery in Illinois, Horween. Horween actually began making Shell Cordovan in 1905 with the sole intention of using it for straight razor strops, so this is the exact intended purpose of this luxurious leather. It is difficult to describe Shell Cordovan to someone who has never seen it in person. It is glassy smooth, deeply rich and lustrous in color, doesn't crease, and is self-healing to some extent. Shell has a deeply intoxicating smell and honestly just needs to be seen to be appreciated. There is a reason this is considered the pinnacle of stropping leather.

This batch of strops comes from "Bourbon" colored Horween Shell Cordovan. This is one of my favorite shell colors and is a deep rich brown with caramel highlights depending on how the light hits it.

The second surface is a really nice natural flax linen webbing from England that helps you clean and prepare your straight razor for stropping. This piece exactly matches the leather in length and comes fastened to handmade leather handles in an elegant walnut Italian leather with a very unique and surface texture. The handles are assembled using the traditional saddle stitch and the edges are beveled and slicked smooth to feel great in the hand.

Both the leather and the linen material are fitted with solid brass hardware and can be fully disassembled. If you happen to damage your strop you will then have the option to remove the screws and replace the leather material or change out the linen.

What is Shell Cordovan and why use it for strops? Shell Cordovan is a product of the equine industry and is exceptionally desirable due to the characteristics of the leather, which is why you often see it on very expensive dress shoes. The leather is smooth and glassy which makes for a lightning fast draw due to it's dense grain structure, and it is believed by many to be the best stropping surface in the world. Shell Cordovan is a very difficult type of leather for a tannery to make, and it often takes 6 months or more with over 100 steps for a batch to be created. Furthermore, only two relatively small shells are produced from the rump of each animal, which increases the price and desirability of the material.

If you are looking for an heirloom quality razor strop at a great price, then look no further.


NOTE: The sizes indicated are the total length of the stropping surface. In addition, I cannot guarantee that there will be a "Horween" stamp on the back of the strop because Horween only applies one stamp to each shell.